Discover the Best Way to Get Rid of Mice

While there are several ways to eradicate mice from the interior or exterior of a building or home, some methods work better than others. Keep in mind that some ways to rid your property of mice can be harmful to pets and small children. Additionally, many people prefer to remove mice in a humane manner. Keeping these factors in mind, choose one of the following methods that will work best for you. You can purchase what is known as a humane mousetrap online; this contraption entraps the rodent for release into the wild.

It’s a simple concept, but the best way to get rid of mice is to keep your home tidy, uncluttered and clean. This means leaving no food particles or crumbs on floors. If you own pets such as hamsters and birds, vacuum frequently to remove scattered seeds from the floor. A simple seed guard placed around the perimeter of the pet’s cage can contain messy food particles and seeds. Additionally, don’t keep boxes, containers, newspapers and other clutter on floors or in closets where mice can easily hide. Trash containers should be emptied and removed at night.

In addition to the “ounce of prevention” concept, there are several effective methods to get rid of mice already occupying your space. If the safety of young children and pets are a concern, exterminators now use safer methods that are less likely to cause a reaction. Alternatively, you may find the best way to get rid of mice is to trap them yourself.

Best Way to Get Rid of Mice

If any of your family members have sensitivity issues, using a natural rodent deterrent may be the best solution. Additionally, by choosing a natural method you may not need to kill mice, but force them out instead. If you know exactly where mice are hiding in your home or building, moisten a cotton wad with peppermint oil and stuff all openings and crevices. Other natural rodent repellents include citronella, lemon and any type of essential oils. Be mindful not to allow small children and pets access to these oils, however.

Try organic products made specifically to repel rodents. You can find companies that sell organic mice repellent substances by searching the Internet. By placing organic matter around your home, there should be less concern for potential harm to family members and pets.

If you prefer to bait mice and trap them, there are mouse traps available in any five and dime store. Electronic mouse traps may be purchased online. Rodenticides may be purchased at home improvement centers and even from your exterminator. Rodent traps generally snap the neck, killing the rodent instantly. Multiple catch mouse traps can trap and destroy several rodents at once.

Some mouse traps and poisons may not cause instantaneous death, however. Glue traps are considered effective, although inhumane. A more humane way of ridding your home of mice is to bait and trap them securely, without actually killing them. Keep in mind, once the mouse is trapped, you will need to release it somewhere away from your property.

What is considered a “humane mouse trap”? It is an enclosed case, typically made of acrylic or plastic that traps the rodent. This trap is also reusable and even endorsed by humane societies. The trap has a sensor that detects movement as the mouse retrieves the bait. The bait actually will sustain the mouse until it can be freed into a wooded area of your choice. Animal activists will highly prefer this method of getting rid of mice in a most humane manner. If you prefer, you can make your own homemade no-kill mouse trap using ordinary household items. Additionally, some websites sell easy to follow “blueprints” for designing your own trap.Best Way to Get Rid of Mice

The best way to get rid of mice without the concern of poisons and traps is to buy an ultrasonic unit that plugs into an electrical outlet. This device emits a sound wave that is nondeductible by humans, dogs or cats. The waves are thought to repel insects and rodents, so do not use any of these if you own pet gerbils, hamsters or guinea pigs. If you decide to give this device a try, make sure you place one on each level of your home or building.

If all else fails, you might want to consider what folks have been doing successfully for generations. Adopt a house cat, and let its natural hunting instincts take over. It’s a rare occurrence to experience a mouse infestation in a home or building where cats reside.